Ashamed by Trump

Editor, Gettysburg Times

This is my answer to Bud Nason’s questions regarding his July 23 piece.

Since Trump’s become president, I am ashamed to be American, and it’s impossible to recite the Pledge of Allegiance with authentic pride anymore. Trump’s designed this country as one of his “s***hole nations by his blatant disregard for law, his misogynistic and racist rhetoric against minorities and women, xenophobic treatment of refugees, plutocratic giveaways, contempt for the poor and erratic foreign policy.

Trump craps on everything citizens ordinarily hold as sacred in a democracy. It explains why he treats the Constitution like it’s a roll of cheap toilet paper! How can Republicans call themselves Republicans and Christians? If so, I can’t call myself one!

Trump’s an enemy of Christian values; he’s a traitor to democracy and the Constitution. His main concerns are for fomenting political tribalism, agitating dissent and touting consequentialism. Whichever way Russia helps Trump win the election, it’s justifiable by Trump’s victory. His recent rally chant is for Representatives Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Pressley and Tlaib to “send them back;” but it’s Trump and card-carrying republicans who should go back underneath the rock they crawled out from under.

Trump’s taken us from being a respected nation to an international pariah. In what shape will Trump leave our democratic institutions? Have Trump and the Republican party created the unthinkable by providing opportunities for a future Trump-like president who could also be autocratic thus hollowing out more of the Constitution?

Bud Nason writes bad history by blaming the evils of twentieth century history on socialism. History’s too complex to attribute a single system to a plethora of historical realities. Millennials are cozying to socialism because capitalism’s eating us alive. Socialism’s inviting because it’s an alternative system, it’s not pure economics and it challenges capitalism. Without benign forms of capitalism, the electorate will look toward socialism.

However, there’s no complaint against socialism when capitalism seeks State intervention in an economic crisis or when filing bankruptcy claims. It took socialism to rescue capitalism in the 1930’s Great Depression and, again in the 2008 banking crisis.

Nason demonstrates intellectual dishonesty when implying that socialism threatens our Constitution; meanwhile, failing to mention the damage done to it by Trump and Republicans. Dangers to the Constitution, the Republic or democracy lie within our broken political system: the electoral college, gerrymandering, the two-party system and closed primaries; together they share in that detriment. Not socialism!

Tim Miller,


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James Rife

"Bud Nason writes bad history by blaming the evils of twentieth century history on socialism." Hey Tim, you ever hear of the Bolshevik Revolution, Lenin, Stalin, and the USSR? How'd that work out? BTW, if you are so ashamed of the U.S., it's pretty easy to get a passport and to just immigrate to some better country, if you actually believe that.

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