Missed connections

Editor, Gettysburg Times,

Let me make two observations about missed connections. The writer who complained about Associated Press articles from other parts of the country ignores the relevance of certain articles for our own county. On June 10, for example, articles from Wisconsin and Connecticut, respectively, discussed ways to reduce food waste and how schools and students cope with lack of home internet for school assignments. Moreover, AP articles give us the pulse of the nation. On one rare occasion, I read an article in the Gettysburg Times on Monday and saw it again the following weekend in the Sunday New York Times.

The second matter has to do with clocks. Has anyone missed the irony of The House of Time situated a few yards away from the old ACNB clock which operates in some other time zone? Moreover, the clock at the West Street/Springs Ave shopping center isn’t running on time either. Even though we have cell phones and watches to tell us the time, tourists will remember that Gettysburg’s public clocks were always wrong.

Janet M. Powers,


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