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Editor, Gettysburg Times

Mr. Nason needs to realize socialism, communism, and Marxism are not the same, although he is correct in saying that all of us should inform ourselves (which would include you) about the distinctions.

In socialism, the productive entities are controlled socially, which can mean direct worker control, or community ownership, of state control on the behalf of all the people. My question to Mr. Nason, and those of his ilk, is: do you like guaranteed public education? public transportation? fire departments? police departments? public libraries? roads and highways? public hospitals? public colleges and universities? public parking? the Veterans Affairs administration? Medicare? Medicaid? Social Security? public parks and public toilets? If one’s answer to these questions is yes, then you like socialism. And most industrialized countries of Europe, as well as Canada, and Australia,and some countries of Asia, all of whom are democracies and economically capitalistic, have embraced some form of socialism. And surveys of many of these countries have found that the majority of people are happy living with their form of socialism they have developed over time. I believe the U.S. would be better off in many respects if we transitioned to a form of democratic socialism, and ceased equating socialism with communism.

E. Russell Klauk,

New Oxford

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James Rife

"Mr. Nason needs to realize socialism, communism, and Marxism are not the same..." Wrong...socialism, communism, and Marxism are just different degrees of the same evil. The writer of this letter is just playing word games.

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