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Editor, Gettysburg Times,

This letter is in response to the article published on July 10, regarding the Adams County Prison staffing shortage.

There were several statements made by the prison administration that scream poor management. Take for instance the fact that 15 staff members resigned over the last two months. That statement alone sends up a red flag. I worked in corrections for almost 17 years. I have several colleagues with the same length of or more. We all agree that when you see a mass number of resignations in such a short amount of time in a correctional setting, it is the direct result of irresponsible management and poor leadership.

Common sense tells us that employees don’t leave their jobs when they’re happy, so we need to ask the question, why are so many employees leaving an occupation that offers job security, excellent pay, and awesome benefits?

The answer to this question presents itself in the prison administration’s own comments made in that article. The prison was fully staffed 7 months ago. Coincidentally enough, that’s exactly when Katy Hileman and Larry Snyder took over the Warden and Deputy Warden positions. You put two and two together, and it’s not hard to figure out why those employees are leaving in such large numbers, and perhaps the County should start investigating the matter.

The article also stated that Warden Katy Hileman refused to disclose the number of current vacancies because of “security reasons.” While that excuse may be half true, the real reason is because the vacancy void is the worst the prison has seen in over 20 years. I’d be embarrassed to disclose that information to the public too, if I were her.

The County needs to wake up and realize where the real problem lies over at the prison. If the county wants to fix the ever increasing vacancy problem, then get rid of the current irresponsible administration before they completely ruin a once great organization. Replace them with experienced individuals before the current vacancy problem becomes to broken to be fixed.

Megan Smith,

East Berlin

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