Millenials — some new ideas

Editor, Gettysburg Times,

I would like to respond to the column written by Bud Nason in the Gettysburg Times this week. Mr. Nason makes the suggestion that millennials are promoting socialism. He equates this closely with communism. My take away from speaking with several millennials in my line of work is that this is not what they want.. What many advocate is smething called Democratic Socialism, a form of government and private enterprise such as that found in Canada and several Scandinavian countries.

Many millennials have grown up in an era of great uncertaintly. This includes concern over the future of the economy, healthcare, climate change and their ability to make enough money to pay off debt or to support a family.

I’m not certain about Mr. Nason, but I can attest that the baby boom generation (my generation) grew up in an era somewhat different. Many have had access to employer sponsored pensions and healthcare as well as a well funded public education system.

These post WWII subsidized programs allowed us to develop one of the greatest infrastructure systems in the world along with a strong middle-class that has been unequaled elsewhere. A middle class, unfortunately, that is slowly being eroded. We are also the beneficiaries of socialist programs such a Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans healthcare and Social Security. I doubt that anyone of my generation would want to give up any of these benefits. I know I certainly don’t.

Am I advocating socialism or communism? Absolutely not! But I know we can do better. Right now we have significant differences in income such has not been seen since the Gilded Age. This has the potential to stifle future growth and the ability to address significant changes that are coming our way.

So, I guess I’m putting my money on these millennials. While not perfect, they certainly have some ideas worth listening to. Plus, let me be a bit selfish, my generation is going to need these young people as we grow older. Let’s work with them to give them the benefit of our wisdom and experience with their energy and ideas. Together we can all succeed.

Carolyn Deloe,


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