Wants to hear from Joyce

Editor, Gettysburg Times,

In the July 1 letter to the editor “Joyce unresponsive,” I note that a constituent of Representative Joyce was experiencing the same lack of response from the Congressman and/or his staff that I have experienced. I contacted Representative Joyce at least five times and always received a kind email saying my issues are important to him and he will get back to me soon.

In March, I expressed concern for his support in reducing the COLA for Federal annuitants, in part to pay for the 20% tax break for corporations, as well as for a concern for significant cuts to Federal agencies charged with protecting the environment and to safety net programs. No response.

In April, I asked what he was doing to ensure Congressional oversight was effective and that subpoenaed testimony and information were received. In addition, I asked what he was doing to ensure our elections were protected from meddling by Russia and other countries. No response.

In May, I wrote Representative Joyce that “I am so glad to see you in your doctor smock on your webpage to provide your constituents with information needed to protect us from summer hazards. However, I am concerned that you recently did not vote to provide consumer protections to your constituents. I am hoping you could tell me what your criteria is for when reasonable rules/enforcement should be put in place to protect your constituents from poor industry/corporate practices that harm us?” No response.

In January when the Congressman said he would not take his pay as long as the government was shut down and he voted to not provide funding at current levels, I wrote to encourage him to take his pay and fulfill his constitutional duty to make appropriations to fund the Federal government. I did receive a formal letter from Dr. Joyce on January 31 on this issue. He said the president signed into law H.J. Resolution 28 to reopen the government. In addition, he wrote “Putting partisan politics aside, my colleagues were able to come to an agreement to fund the government…”. So, while colleagues put partisan politics aside, he held the banner high for partisanship and voted against H.J. Resolution 28 to fund the government. With a response like this and otherwise being non-responsive, perhaps he doesn’t really care what is important to his constituents.

Terry Krietz,

Cumberland Township

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