Tariffs should be removed

Editor, Gettysburg Times,

Recently, President Trump stood strong for American workers when he took on China during trade talks. China has long abused trade agreements, costing Americans jobs – so I’m happy to see that the president is putting America First.

That said, I’m concerned that these tariffs will have a lasting negative impact on Pennsylvania families and small businesses if this fight isn’t resolved soon. Tariffs force Pennsylvania businesses, farmers, and consumers to pay more for everyday products. While many Americans stand with the president as he stands up to China and are willing to take on some increased costs, the longer this drags on, the less supportive they will become.

I believe that could definitely hurt his re-election in 2020. The president needs to once again win states like Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa and our home state of Pennsylvania in order to stay in the White House, continue to grow our economy and keep America great. At the same time, those are some of the states hit the hardest by these tariffs.

There are plenty of other ways we can work with our allies to put pressure on China without putting American consumers, farmers, and businesses in the crossfire.

Hopefully, President Trump will bring a quick resolution to this fight so the tariffs can be removed.

David Wallen,

York Springs

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