Happy with Bolton

Editor, Gettysburg Times,

I am writing in support of David W. Bolton for Adams County Commissioner. In my role as Abbottstown Borough Council President, I have had the opportunity to work with David on our municipal budgets and goals. We were very happy when he accepted the position of Municipal Administrator for our borough, and ever since then, he has went above and beyond to make sure that our finances were in order, that we are collecting the revenues available and he keeps a keen eye on any money spent, constantly analyzing and finding mistakes to our advantage.

It is staggering how the efforts of one person can be so truly dedicated and caring about resolving issues that affect the constituents of our county everyday. David Bolton fights for the citizens of Adams County and all of Pennsylvania and is open to new ideas and legislation to promote such.

David Bolton strives to utilize and promote every available resource in his efforts to expand his knowledge and understanding of the political process. He has a great passion for public service and is committed to the people and organizations/committees he represents. He has promoted the team efforts of his county committees tirelessly.

Because of his efforts and dedication to making Adams County a better place to live, he has earned the respect and gratitude of those for whom and with whom he serves. He motivates and inspires other individuals to get involved. That is the trademark of a natural leader, which I believe David to be.

Not only has he saved our borough almost 25% of our budgeted expenses in 2018, but he has also codified our ordinances, set up best practices routines within the office, and organized years of records. He is helping us set-up our new Police Department for 2020, is re-negotiating our Comcast contract, and advises Council well with his expansive knowledge of municipal law and procedures.

Although we will hate to lose him next year in Abbottstown, we know that David has prepared to be and is better used to his full potential as our next County Commissioner. We support him 100 percent in his efforts to better operations and finances at the courthouse next year.

For these reasons and more, my family, friends and I will be voting for David W. Bolton for County Commissioner on May 21, and recommend you do the same.

Hear his ideas online at https://vimeo.com/332690809.

David Posey,


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