Life for all

Editor, Gettysburg Times,

I totally agree with Ronald Stoner (Letter to the Editor, June 4, 2019) that life does not end at birth. Why would anybody believe that pro-life people care only about life before birth? If we didn’t want every child saved from abortion to enjoy all the blessings of a long life what would be the point?

It is only logical to look at pro-life people from two perspectives. First, we align ourselves with a movement that fights for the right of all those who have been conceived to not die before birth. That is our main focus, just as the main focus of the American Cancer Society is to prevent deaths by cancer. The American Heart Association focuses on preventing death from heart disease. Each of these movements has the goal of preventing deaths. People join together in these and many other movements to focus on a goal they believe is very important, while acknowledging that many other goals are legitimate and worthy.

Secondly, Individual pro-lifers also are involved in other movements to help end war, the death penalty and the uncontrolled use of guns. We help feed those who are food insecure by participating in The Gleaning Project. We join with Manos Unidas in helping our immigrant neighbors adjust to life in this country. Pro-lifers contact their Senators and representatives about education, immigration, prison reform, gun control, health insurance and military issues, as well as about protecting human life before birth. The list goes on and on, for each pro-lifer is unique.

Let’s not assume that we can judge someone by the “pro-choice” or the “pro-life” label. Ultimately, we all are all for choice and we are all for life. My choice is for life for all God’s children.

Suzanne Landis,


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