Avoiding discharge

Editor, Gettysburg Times,

At the recent DEP meeting in regards to SGI for a new permit, Hazel Keahey asked, “What happens if a pump should fail?”

DEP Permit requires SGI must have the capacity to pump both ponds in no more than seven days. After reviewing the combined capacity of both holding ponds and due to the severity of our changing weather and there’s a valid concern about accidental discharge into Tom’s Creek.

I made the suggestion to SGI and DEP that the pumping capacity should be increased to draw both ponds dry in three days should we receive two or more severe storms during a one-week period, also there should be a spare bowl assembly for each pump and a spare motor.

There’s no special material required for the bowl assemblies since it’s only water, cast iron bowls with bronze impellers would be acceptable, the same would apply to the motor.

A WPI enclosure would be acceptable for the motor since it’s not a toxic liquid. USEM and GE both carry these motors in stock and also since the bowl assemblies are standard material most pump companies would also carry these parts in stock.

The advantage of having a spare bowl assembly once you pull the damaged pump you can replace it with the spare and be up and running within hours. A good maintenance crew should be capable of pulling the pump and replacing the bowl assembly or motor in about 3 to 4 hours. I believe it’s in the best interest of all the parties involved. If SGI increases the pumping capacity, then we can eliminate the problem of an accidental discharge into Toms Creek.

Larry Hartlaub,


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