Benefits of a wall

Editor, Gettysburg Times,

I agree with Dan Sidero (July 3) that the deaths of a father and daughter, who tried to illegally enter the U.S. was tragic. I wonder, however, if Mr. Sidero has any compassion for other victims of the crisis at the border: such as the death of CBP agent Brian Terry, murdered by criminals using guns passed to them by Obama’s first dishonest A.G., Eric Holder, during the flawed Fast and Furious scandal; or the ranchers, who owned land at the border, and were murdered by illegals; or the 70,000 Americans killed in 2018 by cocaine, fentanyl or heroin smuggled across the border to poison American children, fathers, mothers, etc; or the many thousands of women raped by the human traffickers; or the citizens, or surviving angel families of Americans murdered by illegals; or those violently robbed by illegals; or killed by illegals guilty of DWI; or the children abused by traffickers, etc.

President Trump is “guilty” only of trying to enforce existing laws, but Democrats believe they can “pick and choose” laws to observe. Instead of trying to change them, they obstruct.

First they said the crisis was “manufactured”. Now they say crisis exists, but it’s Trump’s fault, and refuse to do anything (including DACA) to help correct the laws/conditions Trump inherited from Obama. These include what Dems call “cages” or per AOC, “concentration camps (CC-s)” inherited from Obama, built 2014/2015. It is ironic that illegals seek out CBP to get into these “CCs.”

The president wants a wall to help prevent the crimes listed previously. He wanted $25 B, which Democrats said was “too expensive”.

Yet they have no problem with the $130B of our taxes spent so far this year alone (6 months) on illegals.

If an effective wall existed, chances are good that the father and daughter would still be alive today. How unfortunate Democrat politicians put law-breakers ahead of US citizens so often.

Barry Feinstein,


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