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Editor, Gettysburg Times,

In the May 2 issue of the Times, Reyna de Jesus makes the incredible and historically inaccurate claim that “Juárez’s Cinco de Mayo victory led to the win of the Battle of Gettysburg.” “Because the French army was defeated in Mexico,” she writes, “they were unable to aid the Confederate army. If Mexico had not won on May 5; the Confederacy army could have possibly won the Battle of Gettysburg....The Union Army won the Battle of Gettysburg because of Mexicans.”

This is simply not true. France was neutral during the Civil War. The French Emperor Napoleon III wanted to build a new empire in Mexico, dominate trade in Central America, and build a trans-oceanic canal there (which later resulted in the Panama Canal). He had no interest in intervening in the American Civil War, which he considered to be only a minor issue internationally. Therefore, I suggest that the letter writer pick up a history book before submitting such fantasy again in the future.

James Rife,


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