Angels among us

Editor, Gettysburg Times,

Nurses and CA Nurses are angels walking and working here on earth. I find them to be special people always looking out for their patient’s needs as I have spent many days in the hospital and nursing homes.

When I ask them why they are doing this – their replies- Mom was a nurse and I wanted to help people. I also took care of my Grandmother when she was sick. What a big job nursing is! Between patient and nurse there must be a good repose.

I think as I turned to the right, then the left, how can they deal with human waste and suffering time and time again. How can they do that and also hustle about quickly so as not to keep the other patients waiting. They work 12 hour shifts distributing medications and food to the patients and always with a smile.

Unfortunately there are those that don’t consider the needs of the patient and even display mean behavior with their voices and their care. Thank goodness there are only a few that fall into that category.

Nurses are a special breed and I thank them for taking good care of me. I would like to thank all medical personnel who are taking care of this flu pandemic without concern for their own welfare. Thank you very much!

Carole Bishop,


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