Wants more responsible Rs

Editor, Gettysburg Times,

Hearty congratulations to Frederick Fisher for his amusing letter of June 4, delightfully skewering our disgraceful president. It is too bad that we can’t laugh Trump out of office but will have to wait until the next election. Meanwhile, patriotic citizens should think hard about a Republican Party that continues to support a man with the morals of a mafioso and the behavior of a bad-mouth bully. Lest I be considered a knee-jerk left-winger, I offer a brief family Republican history: my maternal grandfather, Robert Patterson Lamont, was Secretary of Commerce under Republican President Herbert Hoover (not an auspicious assignment, as it turned out); my father, General Charles Eskridge Saltzman, was the Under-Secretary of State for Administration under Republican President Eisenhower. These Republican gentlemen would be appalled by Trump and his minions. I was about to become a Republican until Newt Gingrich turned the party rancid. My hope is that after this awful period with Trump, McConnell, and the other bootlicking supporters of the regime, the Nation will have once more a respectable Republican Party.

Charles McKinley Saltzman,


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