Befuddled by Berg

Editor, Gettysburg Times,

Well, with regard to arguments for Democratic Socialism, I for one am befuddled. Mr. Berg argues that socialism is not as has been defined forever. It is good to know that Karl Marx was no socialist. So why use the word if it is not what it means?

Recently socialists tried using the name progressive, but today people cringe at that word too, because eight years of progressive government provided a more equitable distribution of poverty while significantly reducing opportunities for economic mobility. It is good to learn that we don’t vote for socialism because we are too full of unreasonable beliefs to know how unfair is the system or how hard it is to advance. Being dumb or stupid is certainly a step up from being deplorable.

More likely, we know from experience that more obligations on business, more union workers, and higher wages are not the answer to whatever problems we have. Simply taking more and more in taxes to the government and supposedly giving it back to make our lives easier has not created a utopia. Democratic socialism seems to argue for going farther down this path because, yes my child, there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If we no longer have a free market, we should consider moving back in that direction, not adding more burdens to free enterprise.

Charles Strehl,


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James Rife

Yep...socialism is equalized poverty, enforced by totalitarian government.

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