Liberty supervisors care

Editor, Gettysburg Times,

The recent letter from Cindy Arentz concerning Liberty Township deserves a fact check.

In general accepting an application for a position does not violate any personnel policy since an applicant is not an employee. The minutes for the March 5, 2019, Board of Supervisors meeting records the hiring action for the new police chief. The selection of Sherri Hansen as the new police chief is clearly explained, including pre-employment conditions (background check, salary negotiations, nepotism issue). The township solicitor was consulted and concurred that the resignation of Corporal Hansen prior to the formal hiring of Sherri Hansen appropriately avoided any violation of the Township policy regarding employment of relatives.

Typically, standard benefit policy is designed for an entry-level employee with basic qualifications. Employers typically expand benefits for individuals filling senior positions based on experience and other factors, normally considered during salary negotiations. Expanding benefits, such as paid vacation, for a new police chief is appropriate.

Financial loss statements were submitted to the Township’s bonding companies in June 2018, totaling $277,991.18. The losses are associated with the former township secretary. Negotiations with the bonding companies will determine the recovered amount.

I’ve interacted with Mr. Bostek and Mr. Jackson as a resident and member of the township Planning Commission. In my experience both demonstrate commitment to serving the best interests of the township. While, if in their position, I might take a different approach to resolving some issues, I generally agree with them and believe both endeavor to act with integrity. The township should express gratitude for their service.

Rich Luquette,


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