Editor, Gettysburg Times --

I continue to be concerned about the ongoing letters to the Times extolling the armed "patriots" that descended on Gettysburg. Folks for some unfathomable reason persist in viewing these intruders as some manner of hero for "protecting" inanimate stone and metal. There is one big glaring fact that they seem to have forgotten: There was no danger. Authorities had repeatedly announced well before the presumed target date that the whole "invasion" was a hoax. There would be no flag burning. No monument attacks. No assault on graves. So, if no outside dangers from presumed instigators was headed our way, what exactly were these "patriots" going to be protecting us from? As far as I could tell, the only thing they managed to accomplish was to intimate and discourage any viewpoints but their own. That doesn't strike me as particularly patriotic, no matter how badly you mangle the definition.

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