Like most folks who fish, he has his favorite spots. It’s kind of a lazy place, if places can be lazy, and not many folks know about it. He was there not long ago, and he learned a great lesson that another fisherman had been taught as a child. It was one of those bigger lessons of life. It was a lesson he had been taught by his Mom.

It was getting late in the day, and he had been fishing for a while. He must have been snoozing a bit as well, because he never heard the pickup truck pull in. He was somewhat startled when the guy driving the truck closed the door. It woke him up from his little nap along the stream. He assumed the guy who emerged from the pickup was stopping after work to do a little fishing, but he soon learned he was not. This guy had stopped to fulfill a much higher purpose. He did not have a fishing rod. Instead, he was carrying a bucket. The guy who had been napping could not figure what he was up to. Maybe his radiator had a leak, and he needed some water. Or maybe he knew some way to catch fish with a bucket. Since the guy who had been fishing was still officially skunked for the day, he got curious about what the guy with the bucket was up to.

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