Tom Wilson


On the pages of the Times over the last week we have read an ongoing debate about how best to eliminate or reduce property taxes. The subtle inference is that those in our local communities who are responsible for funding schools are uncaring or tone-deaf when it comes to the impact of their actions. School boards, like everything else, have a quality range from very good to very bad but it might be helpful to review facts before developing opinions. From the outset let me say that I believe we must find a solution to ever increasing property taxes as they are at best a vestige of times gone by and at worst an unfair practice to many in the community.

From where I sit as a school board member there are three significant factors that contribute to the cost of operating our schools in Pennsylvania. Each has a 20-year or so history and each has a major impact on property taxes. We have all heard this before but ignoring facts doesn’t make them less factual.

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