Laura Young


My mother instilled in me a love of puzzles. We would do all kinds of puzzles – crosswords, word finds, anacrostics, anagrams, picture puzzles, etc. Even through adulthood, she and I would call each other every Sunday and compare answers to the New York Times crossword. I guess it started as a young child when she introduced me to jigsaw puzzles first. Not just the six-piece toddler kind of puzzle, but she taught me how to put the 300-piece and 1000-piece puzzles together. We spent hours together over puzzles.

Reminiscing about this had me thinking about how society really mirrors a jigsaw puzzle, albeit a really huge jigsaw puzzle. You see, each of us is one piece in that puzzle. No two of us are the same shape, the same color or the same size. We are unique. And we each have a specific place to fit into society. We have different talents, ambitions, skills, personalities, opinions and ideas. No one has the same combination of traits. Even the identical twins that I taught in middle school were very different in so many ways.

Laura Young is a retired teacher, conservative thinker and a registered Adams County Voter. Contact her at

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