Greg Maresca


The attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil fields by Iran not only spooked the Saudi’s and temporarily spiked oil prices, but its ramifications will extend well into the future. How so? The drones and missiles used in the attack escaped radar detection because they were flying so low to the ground. Let’s hope that the Pentagon is paying close attention from a military and political perspective. Moreover, we should not get involved in a Middle Eastern Sunni-Shiite proxy war whose coals have been stoked in a battle that has been raging on and off for more than a millennium. If anything, the Iranian attack underscores how wrong the Obama administration was about the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal that it would somehow assuage Iranian zealotry.

As a nation, we have finally achieved energy independence, yet every Democrat running for their party’s nomination desperately wants America to forego oil, gas and coal in the hallowed name of climate change. Perhaps they forget all the jobs, tax revenues, and lifestyle implications such thinking. Likewise, their ongoing smear campaign against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is a precursor of what these socialists want to impose on all Americans who do not conform to their leftist agenda.

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