Socialism is immensely popular today, to where over half of America’s millennials prefer Socialism over a free market economy. Well, aside from the fact that they know they’re often getting ripped off almost every which way from Sunday, they also are uniformly unaware of how a legitimately free market economy should work. They have no idea of who Adam Smith was or what his watershed book The Wealth of Nations (Isaiah 66) was; the profound impact it had on business and trade in early America; that it was predicated on biblical principles and the Golden Rule; and that it has lifted more millions out of poverty into prosperity than any other economic system in history.

No, the millennials are the product of a once-great education system that now religiously attacks and denigrates so much of our history and achievements. For example, how many 6th Graders can quote just one Ben Franklin aphorism? Or anything by George Washington, or Thomas Jefferson, or James Madison? Even the Golden Rule? Given the current antipathy in academia toward anything positive about America’s formative years, that today’s schoolchildren don’t know their own history isn’t surprising. Sad, but not surprising. Moreover, in light of the reality that too many of today’s parents abdicate their teaching rights/responsibilities to those who run the schools their children attend, and that those same children believe that what they see on their TVs, computers and iPhones is real, is it any wonder that when they encounter real life, they become disillusioned and bitter? And highly receptive to the soothsayers who promise them Utopia – for free?

Bud Nason lives in Littlestown, is a Conservative Thinker and an Adams County Voter. E-mail him at

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