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Jon Voight recently broadcasted a two-part message on Twitter where the octogenarian actor asserted that Donald Trump is the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln. Voight was dismissed by Hollywood Leftists who can’t fathom why anyone would give credence to someone who last worked with John Wilkes Booth.

Despite the criticism, the longtime actor is certainly on to something. Consider the fact that President Lincoln raised tariffs while presiding over a politically divided nation filled with the thespians of his day who wanted him dead led by the notorious Booth.

Proving again that history has never been a core strength among Leftists

The nonstop onslaught upon Trump has been unprecedented. He has endured relentless demands for his impeachment and scrutiny of his tax returns as a private citizen; the Mueller investigation; and the Russian collusion hoax, just to name four. With the Washington bureaucratic swamp working overtime to undermine Trump at every avenue, you would think that the economy would be frazzled, jittery and headed south like so many predicted as The Donald was finished taking the oath of office two and a half years ago.

The fact is the nation’s economic growth is doing better than at any time during the Obama administration.

Earlier this year, President Trump expelled one hundred Russians for poisoning a British spy. If there is one thing the Russians will never be able to do to Trump, a Queens, New York City native, is poison him. Given his Big Apple regimen of Sabrett Hot Dogs, Knishes, White Castle burgers, NYC pizza and every other neighborhood grease pit delicacy, Trump is simply immune.

Trump may not be the most tactful and diplomatic president that has graced the Oval Office, but he is getting results. The Washington D.C. select was hoping that Trump would betray his supporters, and unite with the bureaucratic swamp.

What the swamp creatures still fail to comprehend, even at this late run in the Trump administration’s first term, is that this businessman from New York was sent by the electorate to Washington D.C. to eradicate the swamp, not become a part of it.

Democrats remain in disbelief that Trump actually wants to send all those here illegally to any number of sanctuary cities like San Francisco. The Left’s outcry only served to expose their rancid hypocrisy.

If that’s not enough, take what President Trump said at the recent National Prayer Breakfast: “America believes in “power of prayer…most powerful thing there is.”

That background noise are Leftists’ heads exploding.

Now that former Vice President Joe Biden has entered into what should eventually turn into a Democratic circular firing squad for president, the question is can Biden beat Bernie Sanders? It depends on who is using, well, “Depends”.

You got it, but Biden wouldn’t.

Sanders, like Trump, is a New York City outer borough native. Sanders hails from Brooklyn and is a James Madison High School alum that ironically counts New York Sen. Chuck Schumer and Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg as graduates.

Madison’s mascot is the Knight. They should re-name them the Leftists.

There still remains a long haul in their quest for the nomination, but Biden’s entry into this field of Leftist thoroughbreds has put him on top of the leader board with Sanders presently second. Biden’s lead suggests that mainstream voters are drawn to a centrist, not a socialist.

Biden, replete with his notorious hair plugs and Chiclets smile looks as if he stepped out of central casting for politicians, where Sanders with his staccato speech and nonstop hand waving resembles more of a Yiddish auctioneer than a presidential contender. Sanders is an unyielding socialist, who honeymooned in that now defunct paradise once known as the Soviet Union, and yet owns three homes just like those wealthy capitalists he claims to loathe.

If anyone thinks Biden plans to move to the center on the issues – forget it. As most folks get older they tend to be more conservative; Biden has done the opposite all in the name of political expediency – where the ends justify the means.

If that means voting rights, free housing and a monthly check for illegal immigrants in order to secure the Democratic nomination, then so be it.

Greg Maresca is a freelance writer who lives in Elysburg, Northumberland County.

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