Rudyard Kipling’s famous poem, “If,” was intended as advice to his son, John. It was good counsel, essentially not to let yourself be blinded by blandishments, to trust but not blindly, and most famously, to “keep your head when all about you are losing theirs.” It’s still good advice, despite the madness around us.

The Supreme Court on LGBTQ employment. Minneapolis’ riots. Seattle’s “autonomous zone.” “Defund the Police!” The Wuhan virus. “Essential” businesses. Face masks. Antifa. Black Lives Matter. Philadelphia vs. Gettysburg. “Mail-in” voting. The list keeps growing, faster than ever. Do any of these interconnect? Is it all part of a larger design? Maybe it’s time to step back a bit, like Kipling advised, and see the larger picture. Since each is important in its own right, and it’s impossible to treat all of them in any depth in just one article, we’ll need to do so via a series.

Bud Nason lives in Littlestown, is a conservative thinker and an Adams County Voter. Email him at

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