Carrie Stuart


As president of The Chamber of Gettysburg and Adams County, it’s my job to support and strengthen the Adams County business community. Being open to the public means being open to everyone, and inclusion and diversity are critical to a thriving economy and dynamic workforce.

That’s why I’m concerned that a segment of our small business owners and customers are not protected by law. We’re known for our tourism and agriculture industries, yet we have no explicit protections for LGBTQ people in employment or any other facet of life.

Carrie Stuart is the president of the Gettysburg Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce.

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James Rife

"That’s why I’m concerned that a segment of our small business owners and customers are not protected by law." ---Protected by law from what???? This is a bunch of foolish nonsense. I don't seeing anybody being thrown into the public stocks or ridden out of town on a rail.


Thank you so much for sharing in the importance of LGBTQ issues. As an ally, I have worked with parents to remove Tender Care's sexuality education program from the public schools in Adams County, especially considering Tender Care's statement of faith which reads " We believe that marriage is a sacred union between one man and one woman" on their website. Additionally, Cindy Janczyk, promoter of Tender Care's sexuality education program cited the American College of Pediatricians (ACP) as supportive of her type of program in a May LTE in the Gettysburg Times. The ACP has been identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an LGBTQ hate group for their advocacy of the deleterious "conversion therapy" as well as their pejorative views of adoptions by LGBTQ families. While Gettysburg Area School District has removed this program, Conewago Valley School District has not committed to doing so and Upper Adams School District has indicated they will not remove the program, per the Evening Sun article by Mariana Veloso 7/18/2019 . Gettysburg Area School District has not been forthcoming with the sexuality education program in its place in their middle school, but I have advocated the comprehensive "Rights, Respect, Responsibility" program that is inclusive of LGBTQ youth needs. It is free, scientifically sound, and transparent to parents and community members alike. You may review it here: If you can spread the word on the importance of the public school students getting such a comprehensive education that fosters empathy of LGBTQ youth issues, I would greatly appreciate it. Then, it would naturally follow that community members support inclusion and non-discrimination in other aspects of community life. Many thanks in advance, Elizabeth Farnham

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