It was one of the windiest days in recent months. Trees that still had some leaves swayed rather briskly as the winds hit them. It was cool. The wind made it feel almost cold. Leaving his house, he headed north for a short distance. The wind was coming in intermittent gusts, and as he headed north he was heading directly into it. Each gust brought down a few more leaves that crunched under his feet as he stepped on them. At times the wind was brisk enough that he wondered if it was slowing him down just a bit.

In a short distance, a left turn headed him out along a wooded area. The sound of the wind in the trees was more than a whisper. It created a rushing sound that left no doubt that it was fall. Leaves and twigs from the trees that lined the north side of the road were strewn along the road, giving clear evidence of the force of the wind. However, as he jogged along the wooded area, it was clear to him that the force of the wind was diminished by the trees.

Dr. Mike McGough is a York College professor who lives in Abbottstown.

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