Editor, Gettysburg Times,

This is in response to the column by Sen. Doug Mastriano, “Emergency tax relief for elderly needs to happen now.” While I can’t disagree with his premise that tax relief needs to happen, Mastriano’s proposed solution isn’t the answer, and will do nothing except create division among those who have been working to achieve property tax elimination for years. Perhaps that is his purpose, since his proposal seems to be just one of a sudden spate of bills rolling out of the general assembly with the announced purpose of replacing the unfair and regressive property tax which has resulted in tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians of all ages losing their homes. The only problem with this sudden feigned interest in tax fairness is that most of the proposals fail to achieve the elimination of the onerous school property tax, which is sure to make the special interests happy.

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James Rife

"Senator Mastriano was opposed to SB76 from the start..." That's not true at all!!! The Senator's ALWAYS supported the elimination of the hated property tax and SB76, but the votes aren't there yet for it to pass. So he's trying to get this compromise through now in the hope that we can push through the rest later. You know, "half a loaf is better than no loaf at all!"

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