She had been a campaign staffer for several previous political candidates, but only the most recent was successful in his bid for office. The experience she had gained in the less-than-successful campaigns helped her to develop a keen and savvy sense of politics. Along the way she had also built a strong communications skill set that made her a very valuable member of her most recent candidate’s campaign team. He asked her to stay on as an aide in his office at the state capital.

Her initial position on the Representative’s team was that of Scheduler. In short order she excelled at that and demonstrated without question that she was ready for and capable of so much more. She was advanced to Director of Communications. It was in this position that she demonstrated an indispensible talent that quickly sharpened both the effectiveness and efficiency of the representative’s staff. By nature she was a detail-oriented person. She could see intricacies and particulars in virtually any situation, and at the same time she was able to maintain a clear 30,000-foot perspective.

Dr. Mike McGough is a York College professor who lives in Abbottstown.

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