If I were in business, I would favor a single-payer health plan. Instead of paying private insurance companies monthly premiums for healthcare coverage, each individual and business would pay the government through modest taxes. The government would negotiate healthcare services and costs for all of its citizens and pay providers directly for their services. Your business would no longer be responsible for the health care of your employees. Your business would pay a 10 percent payroll tax on your payroll directly to the government, and the health care of your employees would be provided by participating doctors and hospitals. So let's look at what a single-payer system could do for you, your business, and your bottom line.

As a business leader, you want to control your business environment as much as possible. This means controlling costs, building a good product or service, and beating the competition. There are at least four principles that you must strive to achieve in order to survive in a competitive business environment. They are efficiency, transparency, predictability, and the building of core functions. Let's look at each of these principles, and how they relate to your business and our present healthcare system.

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