Will Lane


Our Founders loved ideas, but they were also practical people. They got stuff done. All you need do is crack open a copy of The Federalist Papers to get a whiff of Hamilton, Madison, and Jays’ love of words and ideas. Or, whip out your copy of the Constitution and take a look. The Founders’ practical side, of course, is evident all around us: a country that, despite some recent setbacks, has managed to survive as a functioning democracy for over 200 years. Wouldn’t it be something if we could bring their spirit of practical-problem solving to bear on the current crisis in American healthcare?

For the most part, this crisis is not about the quality of healthcare but rather about access and how we pay for the care we receive. In my own case, I likely would not be able to read the words on the screen as I type this article, at least not without difficulty, were it not for the almost magical surgery that has repaired retinal tears in both of my eyes. I wouldn’t be walking around much either without the hip replacement I now enjoy. I might create a stir at the airport or court house with that big hunk of steel in my hip, but as a person who had insurance when he needed it, I am a new man two or three times over and good to go, at least for now. The quality of our care is almost always world class.

Will Lane is the a member of Democracy for America’s Gettysburg chapter.

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James Rife

They wouldn't because they would understand that the government has no business being in the healthcare business. Period.

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