John Messeder


Several Adams County bridges have been repaired or replaced in the past few years – our taxes at work. Specifically, the taxes derived from every gallon of fuel we purchase for our vehicles. Thank you, Gov. Tom Corbett, a chief executive so ill-regarded by his fellow Pennsylvanians that they granted him membership in the state’s very exclusive One-Term Governor club. He presided over a three-step gasoline tax increase in 2013 that, by 2016 – had made the Commonwealth’s levy the highest in the nation.

Corbett said the billions of dollars the increase would gain would pay for bridge, highway and other transportation improvements.

John Messeder is an award-winning environmental columnist and social anthropologist, and lives in Gettysburg, PA. He may be contacted at

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James Rife

Problem is, John, that much of that gas tax money was subsequently diverted to the Pennsylvania State Police instead of fixing roads and bridges as intended.

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