Wait: That’s what this article WAS to be about. But an even more serious situation exists. People who know better, and who SHOULD be acting in accordance with their sworn oaths of office, are blithely and publicly shredding the Constitution – all the while spinning the shiny impeachment object to distract us. Consider: The 1st Amendment guarantees to every citizen the right of freedom of speech – but Senator Kamala Harris wants Twitter to block President Trump’s use of his Twitter account to inform, update, and share opinions with the general public. Once this starts, where does it stop? Or, consider this: Former Vice President Joe Biden wants to have media outlets bar Rudy Giuliani from appearing on any news/talk shows – also a blatant violation of Mr. Giuliani’s (and the media’s) First Amendment rights. And Robert F. (“Beto”) O’Rourke is on record saying “Hell, yes, we’re gonna take away your AR-15s, and your AK-47s!” — a clear and deliberate threat to our 2nd Amendment right of self-defense. Yes, there’s more: The current Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, Adam Schiff, is ordering State Department employees to appear before that committee, but denying them their right to counsel – a blatant violation of their 5thAmendment rights. Worse: The same Adam Schiff is “protecting” the identity of the so-called anti-Trump “whistleblower,” (read: gossipmonger) – in the process denying President Trump’s 4th Amendment right to face his accuser. The list goes on, but you get the idea; these so-called public servants and their allies are anything but; and they’ll stop at nothing to: destroy the Constitution; deny us our Constitutional rights; and pursue their announced goal of getting rid of our elected representation in the White House!

When even elected government officials talk this casually about destroying the Constitution and our rights contained therein, it’s clear that there’s a serious problem. What Presidents Reagan and Eisenhower and others warned us about, and the Founders and Framers did their utmost to prevent, is already here. It’s been slow and stealthy – but deliberate and steady. As always, it’s up to us, We, the People, to right the ship. Much as we’ve tried to keep politics out of this column, it’s wormed its way in – and requires addressing. So: What do we do about politicians who are in it only for themselves, power and wealth, but also intent on destroying both our Constitution and our freedoms and protections while transforming us from constituents to subjects? Sounds like it’s time to re-read, understand, and live the Declaration of Independence. To reclaim the Constitution – OUR Constitution – and get totally serious about “throwing the rascals out,” and replacing them with true patriots of strong moral character, who will honor the Constitution rather than carry out what their Party dictators dictate. Not just now, in our current time of crisis, but always. Yes, that means paying attention to what politicians actually do – not merely the platitudes they mouth, but what they DO. Judge by deed, not by word alone. And act appropriately.

Bud Nason lives in Littlestown, is a Conservative Thinker and an Adams County Voter. E-mail him at budnason@aol.com

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