RAKING — Cashtown’s Robert Rohrbaugh was hitting .588 through July 12, tops in the South Penn League according to its initial set of season leaders. Following Tuesday’s play, the Pirates 13-4 and in third place.

South Penn Baseball

League Leaders

Thru 7/12

Key: Biglerville (Big), Brushtown (Br), Cashtown (Ca), Hagerstown (Hag), Hanover (Han), Gettysburg (Get), Littlestown (Lit), New Oxford (NO), North Carroll (NC), Shippensburg (Sh)


Average (Min. 15 at-bats)

Avg. AB H

Robert Rohrbaugh (Ca) .588 17 10

Ceasar Saavdar (Sh) .579 19 11

Todd Weldon (Sh) .571 21 12

Austin Bulman (Hag) .517 29 15

Tanner Kohler (Lit) .500 18 9

Elijah Wingate (NC) .500 16 8

Mike Tempel (Ca) .483 29 14

Sam Wertz (Lit) .483 29 14

Jeff Deveney (NO) .464 28 13

Dan Shafer (NO) .462 26 12

HITS: 15-Austin Bulman (Hag); 14-Pat Armor (Big), Chase King (Ca), Mike Tempel (Ca), Sam Wertz (Lit); 13-Jeff Deveney (NO), Brandon Miller (Big); 12-Joel Clabaugh (NO), Clint Roche (Han), Dan Shafer (NO), Todd Weldon (Sh)

RBI: 16-Pat Armor (Big); 14-Tyler Elbin (Hag), Sam Wertz (Lit); 13 -Austin Bulman (Hag); 11-Jeff Deveney (NO), Mike Tempel (Ca); 9-Mitch Collins (NO), Chase King (Ca), Brady Topper (NO), Todd Weldon (Sh), Sam Zeigler (Lit)

RUNS: 15-Dan Shafer (NO); 13- Brandon Miller (Big); 11-Chase King (Ca), Justin Lewis (Hag), Mike Tempel (Ca); 10-Tim Hopson (Hag), Sam Zeigler (Lit); 9-JC Collins (Ca), Simeon Davis (Ca); 8-3 players tied

DOUBLES: 6-Elijah Wingate (NC); 5-Brandon Miller (Big), Clint Roche (Han); 4-Tyler Elbin (Hag), Ryan Fisher (Hag), Brady Topper (NO); 3- Austin Bulman (Hag), Simeon Davis (Ca), Tanner Kohler (Lit), Todd Weldon (Sh), Sam Wertz (Lit), Sam Zeigler (Lit)

TRIPLES: 2-Sam Wertz (Lit); 1- Wade Groupp (NC), Nick Jacoby (Hag), Brandon Miller (Big), Joe Murren (Lit), Braden Petty (Sh), Jared Pine (Sh), Zack Rudisill (Han), Chris Schachle (Ca), Todd Weldon (Sh), Nick Zanic (Sh)

HOME RUNS: 2-Zach Ketterman (Ca), Todd Weldon (Sh), Sam Zeigler (Lit); 1-13 players tied

WALKS: 10-Curtis Harman (Lit), Zack Rudisill (Han); 9-Dan Shafer (NO); 8-Cameron Kutchey (Hag); 7-Jeff Deveney (NO), Zach Koons (Get), Brandon Miller (Big); 6-Trent Copenhaver (Lit), Justin Lewis (Hag), Mike Tempel (Ca), Elijah Wingate (NC)

STOLEN BASES: 13-Dan Shafer (NO); 6-Justin Lewis (Hag), Mike Tempel (Ca); 5-Joe Barbera (Sh), Zach Ketterman (Ca), Myles Nicholson (Hag), Garrett Vonella (NC); 4-Joey Boemder (NC), Simeon Davis (Ca), Tyler Martin (Get), Elijah Wingate (NC), Nick Zanic (Sh)


Earned Run Average

(Min. 6 innings pitched)


Conrad Miller (NO) 12.1 0 0.00

Noah Allen (Hag) 7.0 0 0.00

Justin Keith (Lit) 6.0 0 0.00

Brock Smith (Hag) 6.0 0 0.00

Anthony Lippy (Ca) 19.0 1 0.37

Calvin Benevento (Lit) 15.1 1 0.46

Austin Kunkel (Ca) 11.1 1 0.62

Josh Topper (Ca) 10.0 1 0.70

Brad Weber (Sh) 9.0 1 0.78

Steven Ricketts (Hag) 8.2 1 0.81

INNINGS: 20.2-Tanner Byers (Big); 19.0-Anthony Lippy (Ca); 17.1-Ethan Brauthun (NC), John Karlheim (Han); 17.0-Will Grove (Hag); 15.1 -Calvin Benevento (Lit); 13.1-Jordie Henry (Sh); 13.0-Jeff Deveney (NO), Chase King (Ca); 12.1-Conrad Miller (NO)

STRIKEOUTS: 31-Anthony Lippy (NO); 21-Jordie Henry (Sh); 17-Brad Weber (Sh); 16-Tanner Byers (Big), Todd Weldon (Ca); 15-Brock Smith (Hag); 14-Austin Kunkel (Ca); 12- Noah Allen (Hag), Colton Devilbiss (Big), Steven Ricketts (Hag)


(Min. 2 decisions)

W L Pct.

Calvin Benevento (Lit) 3 0 1.000

Austin Kunkel (Ca) 3 0 1.000

Jeff Deveney (NO) 2 0 1.000

Seth Hartman (Hag) 2 0 1.000

Anthony Lippy (Ca) 2 0 1.000

Dylan Reid (Hag) 2 0 1.000

Brock Smith (Hag) 2 0 1.000

Todd Weldon (Sh) 2 0 1.000

AJ Baadte (Han) 2 1 0.667

Conrad Miller (NO) 2 1 0.667

Tanner Byers (Big) 2 1 0.667

WINS: 3-Calvin Benevento (Lit), Austin Kunkel (Ca); 2-AJ Baadte (Han), Tanner Byers (Big), Jeff Deveney (NO), Seth Hartman (Hag), Anthony Lippy (Ca), Conrad Miller (NO), Dylan Reid (Hag), Brock Smith (Hag), Todd Weldon (Sh)

SAVES: 2-Connor Cramer (Hag), Justin Keith (Lit); 1-Brandon Harman (Get), Tyler Reinert (Ca), Steven Ricketts (Hag)

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