YAIAA Singles Tournament

Delone Catholic’s Matt Steinberg flipped the script on Augie Citrone in a big way, and the result was a YAIAA championship.

Steinberg upset the top seed in straight sets on Saturday at South Western to claim the Class 2A title. Citrone had defeated Steinberg 6-0, 6-2 in their regular-season match on April 1, but the Squire powered his way to a 6-2, 6-1 triumph on Saturday.

Steinberg secured a spot in the upcoming District 3 singles tournament by reaching the YAIAA finals, and he’ll look to add a doubles invitation when the 2A league tourney kicks off today at Red Lion. Steinberg and Paul Tily are seeded second behing Augie and Jack Citrone of West York.

In the YAIAA Class 3A finals, Dallastown star Holden Koons cruised to his fourth straight league title by blanking York Suburban’s Parker Lando 6-0, 6-0. Koons, a James Madison University commit and 2018 PIAA runner-up, did not give up a point in his five tournament matches.

Dallastown claimed three of the top four places with Jonathan Burns placing third and Sebastian May fourth.

YAIAA Singles Tournament

Saturday — South Western H.S.

Class 3A

Third Place

3. Jonathan Burns (Dallastown) inj. def. 8. Sebastian May (Dallastown


1. Holden Koons (Dallastown) d. 2. Parker Lando (York Suburban) 6-0, 6-0

Class 2A

Third Place

4. Andy Snyder (Susquehannock) d. 3. Jack Citrone (West York) 6-1, 7-6 (12-10)


2. Matt Steinberg (Delone Catholic) d. 1. Augie Citrone (West York) 6-2, 6-1

YAIAA Doubles Tournaments

Today - First round, second round, quarterfinals

Class 3A at South Western H.S.

Key: CY-Central York, Dal-Dallastown, Dov-Dover, Get-Gettysburg, NE-Northeastern, NO-New Oxford, RL-Red Lion, SG-Spring Grove, SW-South Western, YS-York Suburban

First Round

Vincent May/Dyla Patel (Dal) v.s Sam Sidle/Erick Sowers (NE); Isaac Farmer/Aaron Wampler (NO) vs. Alex Arrow/Michael Gilliland (CY); Drew Thompson/Matt Aulthouse (YS) vs. Tennison Metz/Jacob Becker (Dov); Brian Klunk/Rohan Rashid (NO) vs. Haydne Golden/Ryan McElwain (NE); Tony Damian/Matt Murry (NE) vs. Tommy Elder/Grant Sommer (CY); Ryan Hanson/Mason Neiderer (SW) vs. Soren Sijapati/David James (Get); Derek Cracium/Alex Guy (SW) vs. Mike Gilbert/Augustine Huh (YS); Robbie Bell/Ben Kenien (YS) vs. Dennis Eicholtz/Graham Pantalone (SG)

Second Round

1. Jonathan Burns/Sebastian May (Dal) vs. Villani/Patel-Sidle/Sowers winner; 6. Drew Heinzelmann/Kwaku Baryeh (Get) vs. Farmer/Wampler-Arrow/Gilliland winner; 4. Josh Sanderson/Lance Fries (NE) vs. Thompson/Aulthouse-Metz/Becker winner

7. Noah May/Aryan Saharan (Dal) vs. Klunk/Rashid-Golden/McElwain winner

Damian/Murry-Elder/Sommer winner vs. 8. Jack Lynn/Cameron Koons (Dal); Hanson/Neiderer-Sijapati/James winner vs. 3. Justin Gruver/Michael Pagnanelli (NO); Cracium/Guy-gilbert/Huh winner vs. 5. Cameron Wheeler/Luke Zeidman (RL); Bell/Kenien-Eicholtz/Pantalone winner vs. 2. Parker Lando/Liam Waterbury (YS)

Class 2A at Red Lion H.S.

Key: Big-Biglerville, BS-Bermudian Springs, DC-Delone Catholic, Han-Hanover, Lit-Littlestown, Sus-Susquehannock, WY-West York, YC-York Catholic

First Round

Scott Stanko/Harrison Stewart (Big) vs. Ian McDonald/Billy Lochte (Sus); Matt Fuentes/Griffin Conaway (WY) vs. Ethan Underwood/Nate Gingerich (YC); Ethan Mechling/Nathan Karom (BS) vs. Brendan Guy/Jaydon Vu (WY); Jeremy Jiang/Isaac Sheerer (DC) vs. Zach Rogari/Alex Walmer (Sus); Ben Elsner/Jeremy Snyder (DC) vs. Antonio Corona/Owen Smith (Han); Aaron Orndorff/Jorge Cervantes (Big) vs. Jimbo Arnett/Diego Sandoval (Lit); Jarrett LoConte/Ryan Miller (BS) vs. Christian Collins/Michael Watkins (Sus); Matteo Pesci/Lucas Reck (Sus) vs. Evan Brady/Parker Staub (DC)

Second Round

1. Augie Citrone/Jack Citrone (WY) vs. Stanko/Stewart-McDonald/Lochte winner; 8. Josh Lynn/Jonny Martinez (Han) vs. Fuentes/Conaway-Underwood/Gingerich winner; 4. Nate Remigton/Jason Anderson (Lit) vs. Mechling/Karom-Guy/Vu winner; 6. Brett Laughman/Nate Edmondson (BS) vs. Jiang/Sheerer-Rogari/Walmer winner

Elsner/Snyder-Corona/Smith winner vs. 6. Jake Altimore/Jacob Landis (WY); Orndorff/Cervantes-Arnett/Sandoval winner vs. 3. Andy Snyder/Marin Thomas (Sus); LoConte/Miller-Collins/Watkins winner vs. 7. Michael Rayo/Carlos Castillo (Big); Pesci/Reck-Brady/Staub winner vs. 2. Matt Steinberg/Paul Tily (DC)


New Oxford 6, Delone Catholic 5

Josh Rickrode cranked a two-run, walk-off home run to give the Colonials a win over the Squires in the finals of the New Oxford Tournament on Saturday.

The opening two games of the tournament were played on 4/13, with both Delone and New Oxford notching victories. Unable to play the championship game that day, the tournament finale was pushed back to Saturday.

Down 5-4 heading into their last at-bats, the Colonials rallied when Devon MacGregor roped a leadoff single before Rickrode’s blast gave the Ox (6-7) the title in its tourney for the third straight year.

Rickrode was 2-for-4 with three runs scored, and Brevin Neveker went 2-for-3 with a pair of RBI for the hosts.

Avery Kuntz was 3-for-4 with a double and a pair of RBI, and Adam Pascoe poked a pair of base hits for the Squires (5-9).

Jack Moore and Pascoe both doubled.

Delone Catholic 200 003 0 — 5 8 2

New Oxford 100 201 2 — 6 8 1

Matt Rineman, Tyler Hilson (6), Corbyn Keller and Shane Kecken. Mason Weaver, Blake Phillips (7) and Peyton Megonnell. WP: Phillips. LP: Keller. SO-BB: Rineman 2-5, Hilson 0-1, Keller 0-0, Weaver 6-3, Phillips 1-0. 2B: DC-Jack Moore, Adam Pascoe, Avery Kuntz; NO-Brevin Neveker, AJ Baadte. HR: NO-Josh Rickrode

Waynesboro 9, Biglerville 6

A pair of four-run innings vaulted the Indians (12-2) past the Canners in non-league action on Saturday.

Sophomore Connor Orner was 2-for-3 with a double and two runs scored to head up a seven-hit attack for Biglerville (12-3). Nick Wright doubled and drove in a pair of runs, and Wyatt Kline added two RBI as well.

Biglerville 100 300 2 — 6 7 1

Waynesboro 014 040 x — 9 9 0

Eli Weigle, Wyatt Kline, Logan Brewer. Brooks, Buhrman (4). WP: Brooks. LP: Weigle. SO-BB: Weigle 1-3, Kline 0-0, Brewer 0-0, Brooks 3-2, Buhrman 7-5. 2B: B-Connor Orner, Nick Wright; W-Reed, Saunders

Kennard-Dale 15,

Bermudian Springs 0

Ryan Schubert smashed a pair of home runs and Garrett Lowe added another as the Rams rolled past the Eagles on Saturday.

Six of Kennard-Dale’s 10 hits went for extra bases as the hosts ended the contest in just four innings.

Tyler Reinert and Nate McCollum were both 2-for-2 for Berm (9-5), with McCollum rapping a double.

Bermudian Springs 000 0 — 0 6 1

Kennard-Dale 246 3 — 15 10 0

Tyler Reinert, Tucker Byers (3). Lowe. WP: Lowe. LP: Reinert. SO-BB: Reinert 2-3, Byers 1-3, Lowe 5-0. 2B: BS-Nate McCollum. KD-McCleary. 3B: KD-Meckley, Romig. HR: KD-Schubert 2, Lowe

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