Seven score and 18 years ago, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, cemented itself as one of the most historically-important sites in the United States. One-hundred-fifty-eight years ago, the rural town of Gettysburg was taken over by three days of ruthless fighting and bloodshed during what many consider to be the turning point of the Civil War (and a few months later the site of one of the most recognizable and revered speeches in the world).

In 2017, Destination Gettysburg underwent a major rebrand to better align its marketing strategy with developing interests of new and returning visitors, which included incorporating more agritourism and culinary offerings into the marketing mix. Goals of the updated approach were to help attract younger visitors and to increase visitors’ length of stay in the area. All this being said, Gettysburg’s rich history will always be a staple of Destination Gettysburg’s marketing and promotion.

Submitted by Rachel Wright.

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