In recent weeks, I’ve found myself identifying with Abraham Lincoln in the days immediately following the great battle in our town. Victory won, Lee in retreat, Lincoln was ready for this to be over, only to get incredibly frustrated at what he perceived as George Meade’s dilatory pursuit of the enemy. The pros and cons of Meade’s post-Gettysburg decision-making are argued to this day, but regardless, Lee did escape to Virginia and the war continued.

However ludicrous it may seem to compare the travails of the president of a Civil War Round Table in the age of COVID with those of the president of the United States in 1863, I have this in common with Father Abraham: I am ready for this crisis to be over! Earlier this year, I figured victory was won. Americans would avail ourselves of the vaccine (my wife and I were double-dosed at first opportunity) and the nation would soon be back to normal.

Bruce Davis is the president of the Civil War Round Table of Gettysburg. The opinions expressed here are entirely his own. Contact him at

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