Can we step back in time to the see the past with our own eyes? Well, maybe not literally but the new Adams County Historical Society’s Beyond the Battle Museum will enable your imagination to take you through centuries of Adams County’s history. There you will be able to see and even touch some of the artifacts of the unique and fascinating past of our area from prehistoric times to the present.

What can we learn about the people of Adams County during the American Revolution era and the decades that followed? Part of the new museum will tell us. For example, in those days, taverns were the cultural center of colonial Pennsylvania. At these establishments, food and lodging were provided to travelers along the few main roads that existed at the time. For residents, taverns played a central role in keeping citizens informed about what was happening in the world beyond their town. Here they also socialized with friends, picked up their mail and discussed the politics of the day. In 1760, in what was to become Adams County, there were five licensed taverns. By the end of the American Revolution in 1783, nearly 50 had been established. In taverns like these throughout the American colonies, sparks of the American Revolution were ignited.

Howard Burrell is a trustee of the Adams County Historical Society.

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