Julie Falk

Julie Falk

I know, you’d rather say goodbye. But life is a process of moving through both good times and hard times, and we can’t eliminate the experience of distress just by wishing it away. People experience stress in the presence of a demand that seems like more than we can handle. We might sense it in the body as a racing heart or rapid breathing, and in the mind as a flood of negative thoughts or worry.

Some stress is short-lived, the result of a problem that arises and is then resolved. Other stressors are enduring, such as chronic illness or pain, grief and loss, life transitions, and troubled relationships. The ongoing experience of living in a stressed state is damaging to both body and spirit, so it’s in our best interest to learn to co-exist more peacefully with stress.

Julie Falk Ph.D. is an integrative wellness coach and chairs Healthy Adams County’s Behavioral Health Task Force.

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