In last month’s article, I pointed out that Newsweek magazine had some encouraging words concerning plastic packaging. Confirming this trend, I mentioned Coca-Cola’s World Without Waste initiative. I have since learned that Pepsi is following suit by introducing new materials in their bottle caps that allow the caps to be efficiently recycled while attached to the bottles.

In addition, Nestlé reported that 39% of its packaging materials are from renewable sources, primarily paper and cardboard, Apple has a comprehensive paper and packaging strategy, which reduced the plastic of its cellphone packaging by 84%, and Samsung announced plans to replace plastic packaging with paper and other renewable materials, even if the alternate materials are at a higher cost. Good progress in addressing plastic waste from the consumer industry’s point of view.

Judie Butterfield is the chairman of the borough Recycling Committee and can be reached at 717-337-0724 or

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