This month the US has seen a prolonged election season. But regardless of parties and candidates, the rule of law is winning in America. Voters are the one who are deciding both national and local races, not money. Ballots are deciding local and national races, not people yelling, honking, or cursing. In the quiet action of filling out ballots the power of American democracy continues to speak. That is the rule of law.

Mr. Rogers loved to recount his mother’s words about “looking for the helpers,” those who come to the rescue in so many situations. Essential helpers during an election are our thousands of election workers. Though during the pandemic many of us voted by mail, on Nov. 3 election workers still arrived at the polls at 6 a.m. and stayed there for an average of 13 hours, providing ballots and helping citizens to vote. Poll workers not only risk exhaustion every year, this year they also risked Covid-19. In Pennsylvania as in many states, most poll workers are senior citizens and retirees. A number of those most at risk of the virus had to stay home this year. So we also owe a debt of gratitude to the new volunteers who stepped in. And because of the high number of mail-in ballots, self-sacrificing election workers have spent days and nights counting those mail-in ballots. Also certified election observers from both parties have been especially vigilant and needed, following challenges to mail-in voting. Whether we see those challenges as justified or not, we all agree that the certified observers on both sides provided an essential function.

Judy Young is a retired United Methodist pastor and a member of Gettysburg for Gun Sense.

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