What an amazing time of year it is here in Adams County. School is in mid-session, vibrant autumn colors abound, interesting Halloween decorations are on display, fall sports are front and center and we look forward to another season of giving. If you recall back just a short year ago, Adams County leapt onto the national scene claiming a distinction we must hold with the greatest pride. Little ole Adams County, Pennsylvania became the most generous community per capita in the entire U.S. on a single day of giving we know as the Giving Spree. This incredible event hosted, fully managed and supported by our very own Adams County Community Foundation (ACCF) blew the nearest competitors out of the water. I mean the entire country, including a place where everything is purported to be bigger: Dallas, Texas (and its nine surrounding counties). Let that sink in for a moment…crazy, but true.

After a quick pat on your back, realize we’ve got folks gunning for us. On Nov. 3, the ACCF’s Giving Spree is back to support the nearly 100 nonprofit organizations that make our area a magnificent place to live. Each entity has a mission that attracts donors to contribute as they see fit. In my opinion, our Giving Spree promotes one of the finest forms of personal financial discretion because it allows anyone to make a gift that goes exactly where they intend it to do great work in our community.

Dave Salisbury is the president of the LCAC. The LCAC is a fully accredited, member-supported, nonprofit land trust with the mission to preserve the rural lands and character of Adams County.

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