In the midst of our political divide we are often tempted to be news junkies in ways that reinforce righteous indignation from the right or from the left. Hatred is both an insidious force in its own right, and a use of time that could instead be spent on education and solutions. During September, Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, we can learn how to be part of much-needed solutions to one of our most dire epidemics. First, we need to turn away from the distractions of rage.

A David French 2018 Time article about the opioid crisis and a 2012 Clay Johnson book called The Information Diet both address this choice. French cites studies showing that wealthy minorities of less than 10% on both sides of politics drive our rage by investing so much time and money supporting their “side.” Meanwhile, issues in communities and individual friends and neighbors who could be helped are neglected. That situation has certainly not improved in two years.

Judy Young is a retired United Methodist pastor, a member of the PA Prison Society of Adams County, and a member of Gettysburg for Gun Sense.

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