Camille Horton


Summer recently arrived, and the 4th of July weekend is currently upon us. Groups of Adams County residents, as well as people all across the United States, are celebrating this (for some, an extended) weekend in typical fashion. That is, celebrating by vacationing at the beach, going to parades and watching fireworks, or hosting a ‘barbeque’ or party at their homes — many of which are complete with a patio, porch and/or backyard ideal for hosting such an event for friends and family. Perhaps this is your experience, with slight deviations from the description. However, this is certainly not the story for everyone in Adams County, PA.

For many in Adams County, this is another weekend in which they will spend the majority of it working — and likely more hours than normal in order to seize the opportunity with access to that holiday/overtime pay, not for extravagant spending but for basic survival.

Camille Horton, MPH, RD, Nutritionist for the Women, Infants, Children program of Adams & Franklin Counties.

Jennifer Herfel, Community Coalition Liaison, SCCAP, @Home in Adams County.

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