I adopt slowly. Technology, that is, I’m never an early-adopter. Sometimes I’m dead-last. I just bought my first smartphone, an iPhone, two years ago. My kids, being normal teenagers, have owned phones since the day, probably eight years ago, when they wore me down by asking 600 times “Dad! When can I get a phone?” And right after their phones came the music purchases.

If you’re thrifty (cheap) like me, the thought of buying music, one song at a time for $1.29, drives you nuts. I already own thousands of songs; I copied them from my CDs years ago as Windows Media Files. I can listen to them on my laptop, but on my phone they’re useless, incompatible. So, no music on my phone. When I want to listen to music, I ask Alexa, but that only works when I’m in my kitchen, not my basement or garage. And in my car, I’ve been stuck with radio commercials.

Jeff Cann is the finance manager for the Adams County Library System.

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