There are two phrases repeating themselves in my brain as we finish out this year. The first, is being thankful. Thankful for each, and every one of our first responders, health care workers, social service agencies, community volunteers and organizations who have helped others get through this tough year.

I also want to thank all the volunteers who make up our Healthy Adams County Task Forces. They have spent countless hours working to make sure that important messaging about COVID-19 was distributed throughout the community, made sure that they were addressing any gaps in providing food to those who needed it in the community, put together a newsletter “Serenity in Tough Times” that was distributed by our Behavioral Health Task Force, provided physical activity options through self -serve walks, hikes and virtual strength training opportunities, developed virtual trainings in lieu of in person training opportunities on many different health topics and continued to meet virtually to address the health needs in our community.

Kathy Gaskin, executive director, Healthy Adams County.

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