The seminal work on the Susquehanna Indian culture has been authored by Barry C. Kent under the auspices of PHMC indicates that, “The Piedmont Highland Section of the Piedmont Province begins at Chickies Creek. From here the river is rather continuously entrenched in the rolling terrain of the Piedmont Highlands. Small, usually basin-like openings occur along the river at Wrightsville, Columbia and Washington Boro. The latter of these might well be considered the Indian capital of Pennsylvania from Paleo-Indian times to the beginning of the eighteenth century.” The Susquehanna River was teeming with fish such as shad and “freshwater mussels.” The shad which was a popular fish on the local menu is now gone.

Certainly, by the time of the arrival of the Wright, Barber and Blunston Quaker families in 1724 to Shawana Town (Columbia), the Indian population was greatly diminished. Most importantly, I have included within foot notes and bibliography the most authoritative references for academic researchers and historians.

James Fritz is a member of Historic Gettysburg Adams County.

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