Harriman’s Dwarf Yucca

Harriman’s Dwarf Yucca is a strong, stiff-leaved plant, that can provide a bold architectural accent in the garden, with upright flower stalks that can reach 4 feet high.

Living in a climate with cold winters can wreak havoc on your garden. But air temperature is not the only worry during winter. The amount of precipitation and humidity also factor into whether a plant survives or dies in frigid weather.

During cold, dry windy winters, plants can be injured or die from desiccation. Winter desiccation occurs when the absorption of water by the root system cannot keep up with the amount of moisture lost by the foliage (transpiration) — in essence the plant is being freeze-dried. Conditions are most ripe for desiccation on sunny, windy days when soil water is frozen and the plant cannot absorb it.

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