These property transfers were filed in Adams County May 5-11.

Berwick Twp.

Residence at the Bridges LLC to Joseph Kelley, 112 Lobell Road, $389,458.12

Dowie Capital Investments LLC to Thomas Danner, Hershey Heights Road, $8,487.46

Klee Welliver to 2014 Revocable Family Trust, 660 N. Green Springs Road, $149,000


Todd Gardner to Scott Warner, 45 Penn St., $130,000


Charles Collier to Michael Hooper, 16 Sunset Drive, $279,900

Carroll Valley

Glantz Investments LLC to John Quattrini, 49 Mason Dixon Trail, $2,500

William Roby to Timothy Rhoads, 23 Snow Bird Trail, $225,000

William Swisher Jr. aka to Patricia Peterson, 28 Forest Trail, $389,900

William Sheets to Mahmoud Fekih, 16 Mason Dixon Trail, $7,000

Leslie Bartlebaugh to Ayse Stenabaugh, 27 Sunfish Trail, $229,900

Conewago Twp.

C&J Clark America Inc. to Utz Quality Foods LLC, Kindig Lane, $2,100,000

Cumberland Twp.

Cynthia Seelig decd extrx to Kenneth McCoy, 59 Hunters Trail, $217,000

Bradley Pabody aka to Wesley Pastick, 235 Friendship Lane, $410,000

Beverly J Koryta Revocable Living Trust to Bharat Patel, 21 Thrush Court, $365,000

Thakorlal Mistry to Laxmi Inc., 2450 Emmitsburg Road, $450,000

East Berlin

Ronald Strine to Aaron Groen, 201 W. King St., $349,000


Richard Phillip to Joseph Moore, 36 Carrolls Tract Road, $250,000

Franklin Twp.

John Miller Sr. to Marianne Mitchell, 245 School House Hill Road, $14,000

Daniel Christodoulou to Stephen Maresca, 115 Greenwalt Road, $10,000

Barbara Miller to Wayne Flickinger, 165 Short Cut Road, $150,000

Ryan Poe to Aren Selmer, 896 Orrtanna Road, $190,000

Germany Twp.

Janet Stambaugh decd co extrs to Allen Black, 30 Ulricktown Road, $275,000


Donald Reisinger to Spontaneous Holdings LLC, 229 Chambersburg St., $225,000

Donald Reisinger to Spontaneous Holdings LLC, 1 Buford Ave., $225,000

Donald Reisinger to Spontaneous Holdings LLC, 212 W. Middle St., $110,000

Patricia Eppstein to Craig Swartz, 784 Fairview Ave., $310,000

Agnes Applewhite aka decd extrx to Daniel Gelb, 803 Fairview Ave., $335,000

L&SW Enterprises LLC to Juana Rodriguez, 53 Breckenridge St., $139,900

Hamiltonban Twp.

Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust HB4 to Nielnigel LLC, 82 Carrolls Tract Road, $88,350

Huntington Twp.

Joanne Keckler to Lloyd Keckler, 4421 Oxford Road, $240,000

Kerry Snyder to Jackson Investment Properties LLC, 6684 Old Harrisburg Road, $225,000

Integrity First Home Buyers LLC to Timothy Higgins, 559 Peach Glen-Idaville Road, $255,000

Latimore Twp.

Frank Peters Jr. to Bradley Zimmerman, 28 McCandless Drive, $90,000


Heritage Hills II to Ronald McClanahan, 100 Stoners Circle, $470,925

Bernie Noble to Michael Boller, 29 Apple Jack Lane, $260,000

Jessica Stonesifer to Stephanie Reindollar, 29 Starlite Drive, $170,000

Kristy Sumner to Johanna Rouse, 361 McSherry Woods Drive, $280,000

Steven Sheets to EAC Investments LLC, 126 E. King St., $185,000

Menallen Twp.

Teresa Rigby-Menendez to Doug Hartlaub, 50 McIntosh Lane, $375,000

Mt. Joy Twp.

Hurman Scott decd admr to Vincent Maddon, 1795 Barlow-Two Taverns Road, $151,050

D.R. Horton Inc. New Jersey to John Kravitz, 67 Bridge Valley Road, $512,990

Oxford Twp.

Linda Rogers to Francisco Cervantes, 20 W. Locust Lane, $200,000

Reading Twp.

Berks at Hampton Heights LLC to Brandon Rosario, 61 Heather Lane, $379,321

Daryl Brandt to Denis Hicks, 11 Jackson Drive, $249,900

Anna Heckert to Racey Investment Properties LLC, 16 Hampton Drive, $136,000

Straban Twp.

CCD Rock Creek LLC to U.S. Home Corporation, Rocky Green Lane, $326,800

Stephen Sherman to Timothy Ringler, 95 Lively Stream Way, $584,000

Tyrone Twp.

Charlotte Slaybaugh aka to Adrianna Palomino, 567 East Berlin Road, $149,900

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