Succulent plants, also known simply as succulents, are popular in the gardening realm. Succulents are often grown as ornamental plants because of their striking and unusual appearance, as well as their ability to thrive with relatively minimal care. There are hundreds of unique varieties for your enjoyment. Their special water-storing tissues allow them to survive in dry conditions, so they require minimal care.

The word “succulent” comes from the Latin word sucus, meaning juice or sap. Succulent plants store water in their leaves and stems. They easily adapt to dry conditions by taking advantage of whatever water is available in their stems and leaves for later use. There are over 10,000 different succulent plants, including cacti.

Carolyn Black is a Penn State Master Gardener from Adams County. Penn State Cooperative Extension of Adams County is located at 670 Old Harrisburg Road, Suite 204, Gettysburg, phone 717-334-6271.

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