These property transfers took place in Adams County May 26-June 1.


SPG Capital LLC to Irish Assets LLC, 160 N. Main St., $95,000

Berwick Twp.

LGI Homes Pennsylvania LLC to Mary Henry Trust, 626 Ledger Drive, $384,900


Hilltown Home Rentals LLC to Seth Dworchak, 121 E. York St., $180,000

Butler Twp.

Dennis Ebbert to Kevin Tuckey, 319 Rake Factory Road, $635,000

Carroll Valley

Ronald Knisely to Elizabeth Bea Meltzer Revocable Trust, 1 Lion Trail, $400,000

Michael Putt to Jeffery Sabol, 9 Aspen Trail, $12,000

Chad Wood to Jeffrey Sabol, 5 Aspen Trail, $38,000

Crystal Moran aka to Thomas Bollinger, 10 Sunrise Trail, $50,000

Katie Volway to Tori Stottlemyer, 33 Eagles Trail, $275,000

Allen Becket to William Fraley, 33 Meadow Lark Trail, $410.77

Allen Beckett to William Christopher, 35 Lakeside Trail, $2,100

William Christopher to William Fraley, 17 Alice Trail, $45,000

Allen Beckett to William Fraley, 98 Eagles Trail, $1,611.95

Conewago Twp.

Kristin Sigley to Linda Deavers, 125 Linden Ave., $219,900

Helen Skapura decd extr to Mark Oliver, 128 Saint Michaels Way, $380,000

Cumberland Twp.

Robert Mallette Sr. decd extrx to Jason Fetter, 96 Belmont Road, $280,000

Sharon Kennedy to J3 Mgmt LLC, 2904 Emmitsburg Road, $325,000

Angie Angstadt to Jamie Wall, 701 Hills Drive, $152,642

Scott Jaeger to William Martin, 1380 Table Rock Road, $1,100,000

Carol Sieck to Lynn Cairns, 320 Friendship Lane, $443,500

Franklin Twp.

David Kump to Curt Weinstein, 325 Seven Stars Road, $420,000

Linda Miller to Devon Kehler, 1331 Evergreen Way, $260,000

Freedom Twp.

Janne Nolan aka decd extrx to Anthony Dilulio, 476 McGlaughlin Road, $361,000

Germany Twp.

Henry Parlette to Keith Stamm, 4744 Baltimore Pike, $210,000


James Gallagher to Jason Snyder, 303 N. Stratton St., $172,500

Hamiltonban Twp.

Anne Jones to Larry Weikert, 86 Beechwood Drive, $349,900

Anthony Dilulio to Duane Whitlock, 3615 Bullfrog Road, $645,000

Latimore Twp.

John Baker to Paul Lloyd, 9 Hines Drive, $39,900

Jessica Shive to Eric Glover, 401 Jacobs St., $134,000

Liberty Twp.

Integrity First Home Buyers LLC to John Weikert, 625 McGlaughlim Road, $5,000


David Andersen to Tiny Motts, 345 Lafayette Drive, $275,000

Albert Gain to Reyes Guerra, 38 Smith Circle, $740,000


NU2U Homes LLC to Kristin Sigley, 223 S. Fifth St., $124,000

Menallen Twp.

Brenda Roberts to John Christoph, 5 Toad Road, $231,000

Mt. Joy Twp.

David Laudeman to Patrick Murphy Jr., 703 Hoffman Home Road, $405,000

Timothy Ercole to Karen Kaminski, 1016 Burnside Drive, $260,000

Kathy Graham-Davis to Norma Austin, 69 Heritage Drive, $325,000

Reading Twp.

United States Marshal for the District of Middle Pennsylvania to Cash Now LLC, 27 Antler Lane, $130,000

Berks at Hampton Heights LLC to James Zittle, 53 Heather Lane, $438,890

Melvin Coleman to Kent Zettel, 423 Lake Meade Drive, $319,0000

Straban Twp.

Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic LLC to Glenn Fiedelholtz, 215 Rustic Wood Drive, $668,987

Dolores Shupe decd extr to Matthew Nolt, 3603 Old Harrisburg Road, $155,000

U.S. Home LLC to Terry Steven, 78 Rustic Wood Lane, $397,590

Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic LLC to John Kelly, 36 Birdseye Lane, $619,214

Raymond Bryant to Allen Adreance, 69 Tulip Tree Way, $375,324

CCD Rock Creek LLC to U.S. Home Corporation, 25 Rocky Green Lane, $326,800

Caruso Builder Amblebrook LLC to Donna Kinnard, 15 Cardinal Flower Way, $424,273

Caruso Builder Amblebrook LLC to Linda Herrin, 35 Cardinal Flower Way, $488,612

Caruso Builder Amblebrook LLC to Theresa Baughman, 29 Rolling Hills Way, $465,105

Union Twp.

Johanna Rouse to Ashley Rodeheaver, 5 Cherry Valley Road, $350,000

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